What the tumblr changes mean to me…

It has taken almost 30 years for me to accept that I am bisexual. Growing up in a conservative, Christian family and community led to me denying that I was different. Eventually I grew to hate myself and on many days I still do. I am currently only out to three people and that number was zero until approximately six months ago. Tumblr provided a community where I was accepted for who I was when I felt that no one, including myself, could accept me. It was a totally new experience to be liked and followed by individuals who not only accepted my sexuality but expressed joint interests.

Yes. The interests and content are mature, but everyone involved is an adult. I abhor child pornography and am very much on board with stricter monitoring to prevent posts of that nature. However, I do not agree with the mass censorship of all mature content because I lose the first community to support me in my exploration of my sexuality as well as the curated work of my blog that I believe is the best single expression of my interests. I am grateful to have had the community this long because without it I probably would have never accepted this part of myself or shared it with anyone else. I am deeply saddened that this experience is ending but also looking forward to continuing to express myself via new mediums.